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Long Lasting Waterproof Lip-gloss

Long Lasting Waterproof Lip-gloss


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100% brand new Long Lasting Waterproof Lip-gloss. High quality.

Net weight: 4.4 gr

10 beautiful colours. 


1. Long Lasting

2. It's Waterproof, and would Not stick on Cup.

3. it's better to use the lip balm or based lip items before putting it on your lip.

4. It will have good effect if you apply a very thin layer.

5. Don't compress lips after applied the gloss, or it will be sticky.

6. It will looks a little darker if you use lip brush than your hands. so Lip brush is strongly recommended.

7. Oil food would make it fade a little, so you might need to avoid french fries when wearing this lip gloss.

8. Please apply the transparent or similar color powder on your lip if you feel it is sticky.

9. Please use professional makeup remover oil to clean them off from lips.